Financial Aid

We want to make scouting possible for as many people as possible. You can apply for financial aid for any events that you are attending through our scout group. All financial aid applications are processed confidentially by the executive committee of Hespartto. The applicant will be informed of all decisions personally.

You can also apply for exemption from the Hespartto membership fee. Since the Hespartto membership fee is paid at the same time as the membership fee of the Scouts of Finland and the Capital Region Scouts, you can also apply for assistance retroactively.

An exemption for the membership fee of Scouts of Finland and Capital Region Scouts is applied for separately directly from the Scouts of Finland. Exemption from the current year’s membership fee can be applied for from January through August. Exemption for the next year’s membership fee is applied for from September of the previous year onwards. See more here.

The application must be sent five (5) days before the start of the event in order to be able to participate in the event. Possible exceptions will be announced in the event letter. You can apply for assistance retroactively even after the event, but in order to participate in the event, you must always either have paid the participation fee or have submitted an application for financial aid.

Instructions for the Application

Applications are sent by e-mail to the Local Group Leader at:

The subject of the e-mail should be titled Application for Financial Aid and the message must contain at least the following:

  • For whom the assistance is being applied for
  • For what the assistance is being applied for (e.g. event name or Hespartto membership fee)
  • How much assistance is applied for (e.g. the whole amount or half of the amount of the event fee)
  • Reasons for applying for assistance. For example:
    • The person’s own financial situation
    • The family’s financial situation
    • A sudden illness or property damage
    • The fact that many children from the same family participate in the event which puts a heavy burden on the family’s finances
    • Other factors affecting ability to pay
  • If you are applying for assistance retroactively (you have already paid the fee in question), attach the receipt/payment transaction as proof and add the account number and name of the person the money will be returned to in the email.

If the board deems the application to be incomplete in any way, the applicant will be contacted by email to obtain additional information. The application can be sent again and the decision can be appealed by sending an e-mail to the Local Group Leader.

Model application:

Application for Financial Aid

I am applying for assistance for myself, Eevi Esimerkki, for the participation fee of the fall 2020 Local group trip. I am applying for assistance for the entire amount of €25, because my financial situation is currently challenging.

Best regards, Eevi Example