In English

Our troop is one of the oldest in Finland. We maintain traditions but at the same time, we are a lively and youthful troop. The majority of our members come from Töölö and its surrounding areas. However, since all roads lead to Töölö, some of our members come from a bit further away.

In Hespartto, our goal is to offer city dwellers a slice of nature amidst their urban lives. The main events of the year are our summer and winter camps. Additionally, we organize numerous other activities such as excursions, training evenings, and singing nights. For camps, we team up with our brother troop, Töölön Siniset. Occasionally, we also organize other events together.

Hespartto in a Nutshell

Founded: 1917
Location: Töölö
Number of members: approximately 130
Abbreviation: H-O
Scout uniform: Blue
Neckerchief: White neckerchief with a light blue silk cord on the edge. Cubs wear a white scarf without cords.
Troop magazine: Hehku
Supporting organizations: Scouts of Finland, Capital Region Scouts, Töölö Parish, Hespartto Support Group