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General info about scouting in Finland in English can be found on the Scouts of Finland website:

Our scout group is open to everyone. Currently the majority of our members are female, because we are still transitioning from a historically all-girl scout group to a mixed group. Everyone is welcome to join Hespartto regardless of gender.

Unfortunately, our meeting places are only accessible via stairs, making them inaccessible to some.

If you wish to join scouting in Hespartto, please be in contact with the person responsible for the age group you wish to join. They will let you know of any available places in our youth groups and after they have confirmed a place for you, you can then fill the application below.

Please do not send an application without contacting one of the persons listed below.

Who To Contact

Membership Fees and Event Fees

The yearly membership fee is about 90 to 110 euros. 

This fee consists of the Hespartto membership fee of 30 euros as well as the Scouts of Finland and Capital Region Scouts fees which usually add up to 60-80 euros depending on the age of the scout as well as how many scouts the family has. 

The invoicing method can be selected through the Payments section in the Membership menu of the online membership service Asiointipalvelu. Once you fill out the membership application and register yourself (and your child) in the scout register system Kuksa, you’ll receive the credentials to access Asiointipalvelu.

You can read more about the membership fee, invoicing and the possibility of exemption from the membership fee here.

The membership fee does not include fees for events such as trips, camps and competitions. Event participation fees are announced separately for each event. The prices of day and weekend trips usually vary between 10 to 40 euros and the prices of camps between 60 to 150 euros. Some of the events are free.

However, you can always apply for financial assistance for both the Hespartto membership fee and any event participation fees. We want to enable scouting as a hobby for as many people as possible, regardless of their own or their family’s financial situation. You can read more about applying for financial aid here.